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Protest Against Deportations of Roma from France, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010

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Protest Against Deportations of Roma from France, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010

Roma Solidarity March,
September 4th 2010, Belgrade, Serbia
Roma Solidarity Movement
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video documentation:

On Saturday, 4th of September 2010 across whole Europe rallies were held to protest at the French government’s policy of deporting Roma people. About 1,000 Roma were returned to Romania and Bulgaria from France last month, while official figures record that 11,000 Roma were expelled from France last year.
In Belgrade over 250 people protested against deportation of Roma from France, stigmatization, racism and anti-Roma sentiment in Europe. The solidarity march with the expulsed Roma started with a short gathering in front of the Serbian Parliament and went on through the main pedestrian street heading for the French Embassy. In front of the building of the French Embassy the crowd stopped and shouted out the words „Liberté, égalité, fraternité, solidarité“ – referring to the slogan of the French Revolution.The last destination of the protest march was the seat of the delegation of the European Commission in Belgrade, where the representatives of the Roma Solidarity Movement handed over a declaration to ambassador Vincent Degert, head of the European Delegation to Serbia.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité, solidarité
Roma Solidarity Movement
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Here you can watch movie „Gazela“:

Movie emerged 2009 during the collaboration with Roma artist and activist.  “Gazela-Temporary Shelter from 100 to 500 Years” researches destiny of the displacement of over 1000 people that lived in the Roma Mahala at Gazela Bridge in Belgrade in August 2009. Some of the Roma families were resettled to container camps in the outskirts of Belgrade, far away from the city. Others were returned to the poor south of Serbia they had escaped from, some built new barracks at alternative locations in Belgrade. The city authorities announced new demolitions of Roma settlements. All interviews and locations are authentic. The movie was recorded in November 2009 in Belgrade, New Belgrade (Block 67), Maki¹, Kijevo, Bojnik, Leskovac, Lebane, Novi Sad and Jagodina.

Here you can watch movie „Belleville“:

Belville is the name of a residential complex at New Belgrade being built on the occasion of the international sports manifestation “Summer Universiade 2009”. On 3rd of April 2009 in the early morning, diggers tore down the barracks of 45 families living in close vicinity to the residential units. Their violent eviction was assisted by police without giving time to the residents to save their belongings. Despite Serbia holding the presidency of the “Decade of Roma Inclusion” in year 2009, the authorities didn’t offer alternative housing to the families. The video documents the protest of the victims that set off to the city center three times to demand shelter in front of the city hall.


The World From Berlin | 09/06/2010

‚The Roma Are EU Citizens — Everywhere in the European Union‘,1518,715900,00.html


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September 7, 2010 um 09:52

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