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Arrest Criminal Bankers, Not Workers!

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April 3 & 4: March on Wall Street
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Release Wall Street Protest Arestees Now!

Drop All Charges!

Arrest Criminal Bankers, Not Workers!

Sign the online petition

As we write (3:00 pm Friday), thousands of activists, students, youth, trade unionists, and community organizers are marching through the streets of the Wall Street financial district demanding „Bail Out the People – Not the Banks!“

Police have arrested 4 protesters so far, and they are being held at the 1st Precinct. All of them are members of the youth group FIST (Fight Imperialism Stand Together).

Please take action now to support the Wall Street protesters – demand that they be released and all charges dropped. The real criminals are in the executive offices and boardrooms of the banks and investment firms, not on the streets.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Call the First Precinct at (212) 334-0611

2. Sign the online petition:

To: Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYC City Council, NYPD
CC: NY Congressional Delegation, Congressional Leaders, the NY Legislature, President Obama, Attorney General Holder, members of the media

I am writing to demand the release of all individuals who were arrested at the Friday April 3 protest on Wall Street.

It is not a crime to demand that our money be spent on meeting people’s needs, not for massive corporate bailouts. Marching for jobs and housing is not a crime!

The real criminals are in the boardrooms and executive offices on Wall Street, not the people marching for jobs, healthcare, and a moratorium on foreclosures.

Release ALL arrestees!
Drop the Charges!
Arrest Bankers Not Workers!

Sign the petition online

3. Please consider making an emergency donation at


Back to the streets!

Saturday April 4– Rally at 12:00 pm at Williams & Nassau (near Wall St.) Then march

APRIL 4: 12 noon – Rally on Wall Street followed by march

Saturday, April 4


Gather with chanting, drumming and music: 12 Noon to 1:00pm on Nassau between Wall Street and Pine – over looking NY Stock Exchange and in front of the Federal Reserve and Chase Bank (map) Enter area at Pine and Broadway go East one SHORT block to Nassau This is just a block from the Friday Rally site.

We will join United for Peace and Justice as they come by at Pine and Broadway, about 1:00pm. One block further at Wall and Broadway the whole march will turn Left down Wall Street, turn Right at Broad Street and the NY Stock Exchange, then turn Right on Exchange and go back to Broadway. From there the march will proceed South to Battery Park.

Bail Out People will have a table, displays and literature at Battery Park, along Eisenhower Way, going West toward Castle Clinton. Be sure to come by our table.

SATURDAY Bus Drop-off:
Broadway, between Wall and Pine on the West Side of street (map)

SATURDAY Bus Parking and Pick-up
Water Street between Broad Street and Old Slip
This is about 3 blocks EAST of the ending site at Battery Park

Endorse April 3 & 4 | Find an Apr 3-4 Organizing Center Near You
Donate | Download BOPM Working Paper

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April 3, 2009 at 22:32